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We have spent a year building this studio, check out some of the before/after Pics and explanation of the construction process!

The first stage of building this studio was a lot of research and planning.. We had to make a basement into a soundproof, great sounding studio with fairly low clearance and limited space. We ended up completely demolishing the existing rooms and reconstructing everything with triple thick decoupled walls and ceilings. We used High mass vinyl, green glue and two sheets of drywall for every wall and ceiling you see. We also decoupled the entire structure using metal furring and special decoupling clips to mount the furring on. After completing the initial stage of demolition and building walls and ceilings we had custom windows made for both of the isolated tracking rooms. We then built solid wood doors to truly isolate as much as possible. once all the walls and ceiling was painted and finished we leveled the floor (probably the hardest part) and installed a really nice dark red bamboo floor.
Since we were building in a basement lighting was a major concern to be able to work properly and have the right feeling in a creative space. We ended going with a LED multicolor system that allows us to shift the mood in the room whenever necessary. This feature is used in almost every session and ended being a big help in making an inspiring creative atmosphere.

While we were planning and building this space we were also in the planning stages of major equipment upgrades and rerouting (the next big obstacle). We decided to upgrade some main pieces such as our main converter, monitor controller, preamps, patch bays, FX and of course got our custom made Manley 16X4x2 Line mixer (Check our updated equipment page for a full list)!

What does this all mean in the end? It means a great sounding solid space with an inspiring atmosphere and all the equipment you need to take your songs to the next level. This studio is great whether you just need to send your mixes through the Manley mixer and get a wider tighter sound, you want access to some of the best synthesizers, FX and production gear or you just want to record your full band with top notch professional gear.

Check out some pics below of the building process and finished product. Hope to hear from you soon!

We want to thank all the family and friends that spent countless hours making this studio a reality. Thank You!